Thursday, July 5, 2012


My worms are not happy campers.  They have all massed up the sides and top of my bin and I had to dig through the bin to find out why.  I found some scary stuff!

First off, there was a fuzzy piece of macaroni that I thought was a caterpillar.  That told me that someone had put some no-no food in the worm bin.  After some more digging through be bedding, there was some pizza (no-no) and more macaroni.  No worms anywhere near that stuff, so I used some blunt ends of wooden skewers as chopsticks to get it all out. 

I think it is time for a sign telling everyone what is good to go into the bin and what should be avoided.  Hopefully the cole slaw bits (without the dressing) are a hit with the worms.  I had put them in the food processor for easier eating.  They're already fans of the espresso bits!

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