Sunday, June 10, 2012

Garden Decoration

Tiny birdhouses are great to paint up and put out in the garden to customize it to your liking.  Today I finished painting our birdhouse green, yellow, and brown colors to put near the lettuce on the bottom branches of my rosebush.  It's too small to really house birds, but it's fun to make the garden cuter.

What I really like about painting my own birdhouse is that the color ranges that I can come up with on my own are so much better than the factory-painted ones in the store.  I had bought the little house from a craft store for a dollar and it was originally a toy for the baby so that we could get through the checkout line.  There are much bigger ones that we could have gotten from hardware stores or general stores, but if I am going to get a super duper one, I think I would put it together myself.  Talk about a great family project!  Check out for great instructions on housing any kind of bird that you'd like to see in your yard.

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