Sunday, June 3, 2012

Saving Lettuce Seeds From Your Own Garden

I have always wanted to learn to save seeds, so I am starting with the one that I bought the most of: lettuce.  A quick browser search brought up tons of websites for me to check out, but here is the one that I liked the most. told me everything that I needed to know: how to know when the lettuce goes to seed, how to dry it, and how to store it. 

Because I have at least a billion baby food jars and lids, I couldn't be more happy with the last part of the article that suggests storing the seeds in glass jars.  I think that today I am going to pick my plants that I will end up saving from because they are due to be at the end of their little leafy lives pretty soon.

TLC had so many other tips for other plants.  The next one that I will save is my parsley (which has already gone to seed).  Happy saving!

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