Friday, June 22, 2012

Rain is wonderful

I love it when it rains really good over night.  Earlier in the week we had some nasty storms that didn't cool anything off.  Last night we had a long rain and that means this weekend is starting off beautifully. 

On the downside of all of this rain, all of the weeds on earth are trying to grow in my tomato plots.  The poor things are having a hard enough time.  The wind that we had yesterday snapped (yes snapped) my lettuce in half.  I guess I have to harvest without waiting for it to go to seed.  I hope that I can save the seeds this fall when I plant more. 

It's great to do free outdoor activities with my daughter when it is cool like this.  When we're indoors from the heat there is only so much we can do to keep from being bored.  Once we get outside, watch out!  I think we will take a walk to the library today so that I can get more books to mow through this weekend. 

We are also building our worm compost bin for our basement this weekend.  I ordered the worms (which won't be here until next week) from Amazon so that when they come they'll already have a home waiting for them.  I just hope that a thousand worms is enough!  My soil at home is so horrible that I have had to actually buy topsoil (which I am not exactly happy about doing because it was taken from somewhere else) to put in my garden beds for my herbs and such.  I still have 2 bags left and a few pepper plants that will need to be planted in them when they're big enough.  It kills me that my plants grow so slow.

I have seen a ton of articles online about fully mature vegetables (other than lettuce) such as radishes that make me wonder what I'm doing wrong with my own garden.  I probably started a bit late (only lettuce and tomatoes were started inside before the frost time was past) so I'm hoping to be on top of things next year so that I don't have the latest harvests in history. 

Documentaries are my favorite rainy-day activity.  When the baby is napping I will turn one on and soak in what is being presented that day.  I had watched Chemerical, a documentary about a family that was going chemical free in their house because of breathing and health issues that they were conscious of.  I loved the suggestions that were offered to the family about how to get away from chemicals while still being clean and healthy.  I think that over time, I will also try to convince my fiance that we should make our own laundry soap out of non-chemical ingredients, buy regular soap to wash with, and just be more natural overall.  Our skin will thank us.

Making Homemade Laundry Soap is relatively easy to do.  I'm still deciding on which pot to use to make soap with, but without chemicals in the soap I probably should not be worried about contaminating it.  It should clean out rather easily.

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